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Work in Progress

“Job Search Under Low Pay, Low Security, and High Unemployment” Draft

“Commuting Barriers to Low Income Employment” (with J. Mabli)

“SNAP Participation and Labor Market Dynamics” (with L. Flabbi and J. Mabli)

“Manufacturing Jobs and Polarizations: A Forty-Year U.S. Perspective” (with F. Levy)

“The Consequences of Disabilities for Well-Being” (with E.E. Wiemers, V.J. Hotz, and A.W. Strauss)

“Intergenerational Transmission of Personality Traits in a Representative Sample of American Parents and Their Adult Children” (with M. AlFakhri)

“What’s Your Greatest Weakness? The Optimality of Uninformative Interviews” (with J. A. Jacobs)

Research Reports

Youth Employment in Nepal (World Bank 2018 – consultant)

Making Politics Work for Development: Harnessing Transparency and Citizen Engagement (World Bank 2016 – consultant)

World Development Report 2015: Mind, Society, and Behavior (World Bank 2015 – consultant)

Malaysia Economic Monitor: Immigrant Labour (World Bank 2015 – consultant)